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According to official statistics, Russia has a population of around 142.2 million inhabitants which represent  approx. 52.7 million households.

The number of flats in Russia accounts to 58 million, 42.2 million of which are prefabricated multi-family buildings. There is a rate of 408 flats per 1000 inhabitants.


Population: 142.2 Mio.
Number of households: 52.7 Mio.
Total number of dwellings: 58 Mio.
Total number of flats in prefabricated buildings: 24.5 Mio.

Dwellings per 1000 inhabitants: 408
Ownership rate: 79.7 %

After the collapse of the Soviet Union several reforms have been implemented in the Russian housing sector aimed at transition from the state housing to development of operational housing market. The policy of free privatization took place in 1991 with the Law “On Privatization of Housing” and allowed tenants to claim ownership over their apartments free of charge.  In 1996 the first housing associations were established according to the Law “On Associations of Homeowners”  which meant a significant change in housing management.

Currently the Russian housing market faces challenges of further demonopolization, promotion of competitive environment, and gradual energy efficient renovation of the housing stock.

Recently, the Russian government launched the Promotional Fund for Reforming the Housing and Utility Sector (the Federal Law No. 185-FZ, dd. July 21, 2007). The Fund provides financial support to regions and municipalities for renovation and modernisation of common property in multi-family buildings and for re-settlement of residents from demolished housing” and will be acting for the period 2007-2011.

Further important legislative initiative is the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation from 04.06.2008 N 889 „On some measures of energetic and ecologic efficiency of Russian economy”. The Decree aims to reduce substantially the intensity of energy consumption in the Russian key sectors; among them are Russian construction and housing sectors. The Decree is seeking to promote the rational and responsible use of energy and resources.


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