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According to latest statistics, Germany has a population of around 82.6 million inhabitants, which are members of approx. 39.8 million households.

The number of flats in Germany accounts to 39.0 million and the number of buildings is approx. 17.7 million. There is a rate of 484 flats per 1000 inhabitants, which is rather favourable.


Population: 82.6 Mio.
Number of households: 39.8 Mio.
Total number of dwellings: 39.0 Mio.
Total number of buildings: 17.7 Mio.
Total number of flats in prefabricated buildings: 2.1 Mio.
Dwellings per 1000 inhabitants: 483
Ownership rate: 43 %

In contrast to the Eastern European BEENetwork countries, Germany has a differentiated housing market with a high proportion of rental dwellings. The ownership rate therefore is rather low, also in comparison to other (Western European) countries: 43 percent. The housing market is characterised by the quantitative significance of private landlords/lessors, which rent out nearly 14 million flats. Approximately 10 million flats are administered by “professional” management companies, incl. housing cooperatives, communal/public housing companies and commercial housing companies.

Key actors as regards housing policy in Germany are the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Affairs (BMVBS), the respective Ministries of the German Länder, dealing with housing issues on the regional level as well as the municipalities. Furthermore, groups representing the interests of lessors and tenants play an important role, e.g. the “Federal Association of German Housing and Real Estate Companies” (GdW) and the “German Federation of Tenants”.


The BEEN project is part-financed by the European Union (EU). Lead partner is the Berlin Government, Senate Department for Urban Development, Germany. The project is organized by the project coordinator:

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