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BEEN Tacis Part

After initial approval of the BEEN Tacis component already in December 2005, finally the grant contract (external actions of the European community – 2006/123-575) has been signed on the 7th of August 2006 by the EC Delegation to Russia and IWO e.V., which will be Financial Lead Partner for the external Tacis grant. For the next two years, the funding of activities of Russian and Belarusian partners in the BEEN project is secured.

The project's action plan regarding activities of the Tacis partner focuses on their contribution of experiences and knowledge on the situation in their countries. They will elaborate documents that contribute to the planned output in the work packages of the BEEN project. The Russian and Belarussian partners want to learn about the approaches of the participating BSR countries faced with similar problems. They are interested to acquire technical and legal know-how on housing reforms in other transition countries and gain practical knowledge from the implementation process of the best-practice projects. Furthermore, the Tacis partners will elaborate similar outputs and dissemination instruments (info leaflets etc.) as the ERDF partners (Project part financed by the European Regional Development Fund). The partners will be accompanied in their national activities by the project coordinator IWO through bilateral consultations in their countries. At the same time, they take part in important BEEN project activities, e.g. in the Transnational Conferences. There are also planned three conferences in St. Petersburg, Kaliningrad and Minsk to inform the target groups on energy efficient refurbishment. The establishment of regional contact points in St. Petersburg, Kaliningrad and Minsk Region is one important focus that shall guarantee the participation of the Tacis partners in the BEEN network after project finalization.

Read more about Tacis (Technical Assistance to the Commonwealth of Independent States) and the Neighbourhood Programme of the European Commission on the BSR INTERREG III B homepage.
For more information on the BEEN project see the leaflet in the download section.


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Juni 2009
Die “Kick-Off Konferenz” von Urb.Energy, dem Anschlussprojekt Projekt von BEEN, fand am 15 und 16 Juni in Potsdam statt. mehr (en)

März 2009
Die Zeitung „Zhiliscnoe obosrenie“ (St. Petersburg) widmete eine spezielle Ausgabe dem Projekt BEEN. mehr (ru)

Februar 2009
Die Ergebnisse des BEEN Projektes werden auf dem ersten UNECE Workshop zu Energieffizienz in Wohngebäuden in Sofia vorgestellt. mehr (en)

Dezember 2008
Die EU-Kommission hat einen Vorschlag angenommen, in allen EU-27-Ländern, EFRE-Mittel für Investitionen in Energieeffizienz von Gebäuden zu nutzen. mehr (en)

Dezember 2008
Das BEEN-Kostenkalkulationsmodell ist nun zum freien Download für Mitglieder des BEENetzwerkes im Mitgliederbereich verfügbar. mehr (en)

November 2008
Das UNECE Kommittee für Wohnungswesen und Raumnutzung hat ein Papier zu Energieeffizienz in Wohngebäuden erarbeitet. mehr (en)

November 2008
Der Leadpartner von BEEN wurde eingeladen, die Projektergebnisse auf den 7. Europäischen Energie-einspartagen in Breslau zu präsentieren. mehr



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