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About BEEN Project

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© IWO e.V. Berlin

The BEEN Project, started on 1 July 2005 was part-financed by the European Union within the BSR Interreg III B programme and had the overall goal of developing strategies and instruments that promote and enable the energy efficient refurbishment of the prefabricated multi-storey building stock in the Baltic Sea Region.

In order to tackle the problems, relevant in almost all BEEN Project countries and comply with EU standards with regard to energy efficiency, the BEEN project aimed to develop strategies and instruments- technical, legal, institutional and financial- that promote EER of residential buildings in the Baltic Sea Region, focussing on the multi-storey housing stock erected between 1950 and 1990.

The geographical dimension of the project covered five countries from the Baltic Sea region (EE, LV, LT, PL, D), bringing together 26 partners representing relevant national levels and areas responsible for the implementation of EER in the building stock. In addition, two countries with preliminary guest status (RU, BY) were involved. This ensured the cross-sectoral promotion of concepts, policies and tools elaborated within the five work packages (WPs) of the project. Of special relevance was the implementation of best practice projects (work package 5), where the results from the other WPs led to the exemplary implementation of innovative schemes.

BEEN leaflets

Please find here some general information on the BEEN-project:

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The BEEN project is part-financed by the European Union (EU). Lead partner is the Berlin Government, Senate Department for Urban Development, Germany. The project is organized by the project coordinator:

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