Baltic Energy Efficiency Network for the Building Stock


19 March 2008 – Conference in Minsk

On March 19, 2008 the regional conference in the framework within the BEEN-project on Energy Efficient Technologies in the Housing Stock: technical, financial and legal aspects has been held in Minsk.

The organizers of the conference on the part of Belarus have been Belarus National Technical University (BNTU) and Zhodino City Executive Committee under assistance of Minsk regional unitary enterprise «Administration in the housing and communal economy»
From the German side: project coordinator – Housing Initiative for Eastern Europe (IWO) Berlin.

The conference aimed to provide participants from Germany and Belarus the opportunity of sharing experiences on energy efficient refurbishment and modernization of multi-storey buildings.  

Also political framework and financial preconditions for the realization of measures of
energy efficient refurbishment in regions of Tacis-partners have been discussed with are necessary prerequisites for effective organization and conduction of energy efficient refurbishment of housing stock.

In the course of the conference the model of calculation of refurbishment costs (Cost Calculation Model (CCM) has been presented by German partners which serves as a basis for decision-making by carrying out of refurbishment of housing stock and is intended for users without special technical background. After the presentation the lively discussion of the CCM, its advantages and weaknesses took place .

On the conference the special thematic focus has been done on technical aspects of refurbishment under consideration of energy saving technologies. Technical solutions on energy preservation for the heating and ventilation systems, internal water supply engineering systems of the housing stock.

Detailed information and material to the conference you will find in the conference program and presentations.

Conference programm in Russian.


BEEN Project: idea, objectives and main results (in Russian) (882 KB)
(Knut Höller, Tatyana Hartenstein, IWO, Germany)

Political framework for the realization of measures of energy efficient refurbishment in regions of Tacis-partners (in Russian) (132 KB)
(N. A. Borisov, Ministry of Housing and Communal Economy and Construction of Kaliningrad Region, Russia)

German experience in refurbishment of multi-storey residential buildings in Germany (in Russian) (4,3 MB)
(Bernhard Schwarz, IWO, Germany)

Pilot project of conduction of energy efficient refurbishment in Zhodino (Belarus), on the Derevyanko street 14. (in Russian) (5,3 MB)
(Hans Eimannsberger, Energy Agency of Investment Bank of the State of Schleswig-Holstein, Germany)

Experience in elaboration, conduction and technical regulations of thermal modernization of housing stock (in Russian) (107 KB)
(V.V. Visov, Head of Laboratory of the Ataev Institute, Republican Unitary Enterprise for scientific research and engineering technologies, Belarus)

Overview of thermal energy and potential for its preservation in housing stock by example of Zhodino. Technical aspects of refurbishment in the region (in Russian) (324 KB)
(D.B. Sidorov,  Zhodino City Executive Committee, Belarus)

Cost Calculation Model (CCM) (in Russian) (397 KB)
(Hans Eimannsberger, Energy Agency of Investment Bank of the State of Schleswig-Holstein (Germany)

Energy saving heating and ventilation systems in housing stock (in Russian) (1,5 MB)
(Docent, PhD V.V. Pokotilov, BNTU, Belarus)

Scientific-technical issues of energy preservation in housing stock (in Russian) (221 KB)
(Docent, PhD, A.M. Protacevich, BNTU, Belarus)

Problems in the energy preservation of internal water supply systems of housing stock. (in Russian) (721 KB)
(Prof. Dr. А.D. Gurinovich, BNTU, Belarus). 


The BEEN project is part-financed by the European Union (EU). Lead partner is the Berlin Government, Senate Department for Urban Development, Germany. The project is organized by the project coordinator:

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